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Special Events

Special Events

Every now and again, events that define the fabric of our time come along and grab the attention of the entire country, and often the world.

They come in many different shapes and sizes, and affect people in as many ways; a nation uniting in celebration or respect at the 50th anniversaries of the events that marked the end of the last world war; a nation united in grief at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales; a mass for tens of thousands for his Holiness the Pope, or the feelings of hope and expectation of many as a massive cruise liner receives a Royal blessing.

Most people only ever see these kind of events in the media, or maybe attend one or two in a lifetime.

At RG Jones we have been given the honour of taking the responsibility for audio at more major special events than any individual could ever hope to experience, something we are very proud of.

Examples of events in this sector include:

  • Horseguards Parade
  • BP Concert in Tbilisi
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee
  • Lady Diana’s Funeral
  • Naming Ceremonies for Cruise Liners Aurora and Oriana

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