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RG Jones has an impressive history of support using our established in-house facilities and expertise. We never underestimate the need to ensure that the system is operating correctly and it is our policy to not simply replace equipment to solve a problem. Our maintenance engineers are highly qualified and we try, at all times, to ensure that a qualified engineer is at the end of the phone to deal with situations immediately.


Re-Active RG Jones can offer re-active services to remedy system or equipment failures, either on-site or in our workshop. We have had many years of repairing professional audio equipment, and have strong links with the manufacturers should support be required from them. This is further assisted by drawing on the resources of our hire department, as loaned equipment can be provided whilst any faulty equipment is being repaired. For more information regarding Maintenance Contracts, please click here contactus@rgjones.co.uk


RG Jones can also offer a preventative Maintenance service to qualifying clients. The aim of this scheme is to pick up potential problems and correct them before they become serious. This includes annual checks on the system and a report suggesting remedial actions if required. Another benefit to regular inspections on the system is the opportunity to react to changes in the use of the system or building. This enables us to provide our clients with a stress free way to assess how the system can meet the changing needs, drawing on the resources of our sales department.

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